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Protecting our community, members and staff

YMCA Staff cleaning

The past few months have been challenging for our community and also for our YMCA. As a charity that provides programs and critical supports to members and vulnerable groups, our sources of revenue have been drastically reduced. As we plan for a safe return to operating our programs, we are facing increased demands for health measures and protective equipment and increased demand for subsidized program access for children, youth, families and others who need it. The needs will be greater and the role of the YMCA in our community will be more critical.

A number of health measures and protective equipment we are planning for,

  • More sanitization stations
  • Disinfect air microbes (airPHX)
  • Increased wiping and sanitizing fitness equipment
  • Sanispray
  • Partitions
  • Infrared thermometer
  • 2 meter markets
  • Staff PPE, masks, gloves, face shields

As we plan to implement across our centres, the anticipated costs are over $125,000 If you can help, in anyway and at any level, please do so by visiting