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YWell: Leadership and Personal Development Session #1

Session One of the YWell Leadership and Personal Development Series with Dr. Steve Patty, PhD looks at identifying your own growing edge.

Session One: Identifying Your Growing Edge

Characteristics of a Growing Edge:

  • It’s about you, not your team or organization
  • It’s not a technical skill to get better, but rather a personal capacity to develop
  • It’s oriented towards having an impact or in service to something significant
  • It pushes you into a zone of “stretch” or “productive discomfort”
  • If you could make progress on your growing edge it would have implications in many areas of your life and/or work

Growing Edge Rules of Thumb – You’re on the right track if:

  • You’re not sure how to grow in this area
  • It might be a game changer for you
  • The thought of working on it holds a little dread
  • In discussion with friends/family, they say “yes that’s it!”

Before the Next Session:

  • Write down your personal growing edge
  • For help with your growing edge, talk with trusted friends, family, and or colleagues.