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YWell: Leadership and Personal Development Session #2

In Session Two of the YWell Leadership and Personal Development Series. Dr. Steve Patty looks at adaptive parts of your own growing edge.

Session Two: Adaptive Parts of a Growing Edge

Now that you have identified your growing edge, it’s time to explore how to move forward and develop your ability to evolve in this area. How do we pursue the things we want to pursue in life?  How do you become the person you want to be in life? How do we let go of the things that no longer serves a purpose for us? And finally, how do we show up in new kinds of ways that can help us be the best we can be? These are the kinds of thoughts we need to have in order to work on our growing edge and ourselves.

External parts of your growing edge:

  • What you cannot control
  • Things that are effecting you from the outside.

Internal parts of your growing edge:

  • What you can control
  • What you need to do to grow despite what happens elsewhere.

Before the Next Session:

Write down the internal and external parts of your growing edge.

Try this exercise: Take a blank piece of paper and draw a circle. On the outside of the circle, write down all the things that are impacting you from the outside and are effecting your growing edge. On the inside of the circle, write down things that you can do that will help you develop your growing edge. These are the things that are your responsibility and are about your evolution, your adaptation, your development and your growth.